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Many thanks for ordering a Swarm Perception Box or Swarm Outdoor Perception Box.

Swarm Perception Box Swarm Outdoor Perception Box

This documentation is designed to get you up and running as soon and as easily as possible with the Swarm Perception Box or the Swarm Outdoor Perception Box and test them in your own environments, for example for a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Project.

Some points to note:

  • As this is an evaluation, it is not designed to be used in productive environments.

  • We’re here to help. If you get stuck at any stage of the setup or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • We want your feedback! Also please let us know if you have any suggested improvements, comments or find any bugs. (see contact details below)

  • The Swarm Control Center (SCC) allows you to setup and manage your Swarm Perception Boxes or Swarm Outdoor Perception Boxes via simple WebUI. For the Evaluation Kits we host the underlying Azure IoT Hub and Device Provisioning Service (DPS) on your behalf, so that you can get started more easily.

General Documentation:

General Swarm documentation is available on:

This guide links to the relevant sections in this Swarm Analytics documentation as required.

Getting in touch: