Swarm Documentation

Swarm Analytics Technical Documentation

What is it all about?

We at Swarm-Analytics believe that you are able to build the best solution for your customer. Together with our software you will be able to provide amazing dashboards, analyzing tools and consulting mechanism. Use this technical documentation to learn, apply and share about Swarm technology.

Who should read this?

This documentation is a technical guideline for partners and customer, who are interested in intergrating our software in a new or existing data analyzing and IoT environment.

What is the Swarm Perception Platform?

We call the software stack including all components, you will get from us, the Swarm Perception Platform.

The Platform consists of the Swarm Control Center, hosted in Public Cloud, and the Swarm Perception Box, turning camera streams into sensoric data.

A Swarm Perception Box can either be your hardware with an installed VPX Agent, called Swarm Virtual Perception Box (VPX), or a pre-installed hardware provided by Swarm Analytics, called Swarm Perception Box 100 (P100) for indoor use or Swarm Outdoor Perception Box 100 (OP100) for outdoor installations.