What data can I generate?

With Swarm Perception Boxes you can generate data, which you can use for desinging e.g. traffic monitoring tools, parking space dashboards, people flow analysis or any other related project.

Since Version 3.1 our system detects and classifies 10 + 1 different objects.

Version 3.3 introduces advanced number plate recognition (ANPR).

Swarm Detection Classes

Our classes are compliant with the BASt / TLS standard

  • Person

  • Car

  • Car-with-Trailer (new)

  • Van

  • Single-Unit-Truck

  • Truck-with-Trailer (new)

  • Articulated-Truck

  • Bus

  • Bicycle

  • Motorbike

  • Others

We categorize into classes and subclasses. This is important, when you want to gather data or use Data Discovery.

BASt / TLS Classes

TLS 2012 of BASt knows different classifications - Swarm Analytics fit all of them and even more. (cf. TLS 2012 v5, page 151ff)

8+1 classes
5+1 classes
3 classes
2 classes
8+1 classes
  1. non-classified vehicles

  2. motorcycles

  3. cars

  4. vans

  5. cars with trailer

  6. trucks

  7. trucks with trailer

  8. articulated trucks

  9. busses

5+1 classes
  1. car group

  2. cars with trailer

  3. trucks

  4. trucks with trailer + articulated trucks

  5. busses

  6. non-classified vehicles

3 classes
  1. light-duty vehicles

  2. heavy goods vehicles

  3. cars and busses with trailer

2 classes
  1. car-like vehicles

  2. truck-like vehicles

Those objects can have a time entering a special region (Region of Interest) and leaving it, or they can be counted moving over a specific virtual line (Counting Line) or a trigger can be set because the objects are occupying space. All those parameters will be generated and provided to you via MQTT: How do I create events and gather them?


As ANPR is currently in EA (Early Availability), it needs to be enabled on the backend. Please get in touch with our team.

ANPR in Data Discovery may look like this:

In MQTT Events, you will see following:

"numberPlate": "I1337XX"