Who does what?

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." - Aristotle

Complex challenges need good coordination and collaboration to solve. One big successor of humankind has always been the division of labor. If everybody focusses on what he can do best, the outcome will be overwhelming. We love to be part of great and greater solutions and this is how we will achieve it - together.

Swarm Analytics offers the brain, you offer the eyes and the mouth.

Swarm Analytics

Swarm Partner

A Camera

Swarm Platform

  • Swarm Control Center

  • Swarm API

  • VPX Client or a HDO¹


  • Azure IoT Hub

  • Compatible Hardware²

  • Data Collector/Presenter

  • Free software updates

  • Continuous development

  • Additional features included

  • Standardized data format

  • Data Discovery (Simple visualization)

Recommended additional Software

  • MQTT Broker

  • Database

  • Alerting System

  • Dashboard

Support and Documentation

¹ Hardware Delivery Option ² Bring Your Own Hardware