How do I upgrade my Swarm Platform?

We are releasing new software at least every three months!

All software updates are included for free in any current swarm subscription!

Find your current version

To check your current version of Control Center, API and Agent visit your Swarm Control Center. Mark 1 in the picture refers to the current version of the Control Center itself and mark 2 refers to the version of the Agent.

Upgrading your Swarm Platform

As you learned a couple of lines above, the Swarm Platform consists of three parts, so you will also need to upgrade all three of them.

For upgrading SCC and API you will need Login and Password for a Private Container Registry. Please get in touch with us to gather this information.

Upgrade the SCC

In Azure navigate to your ressource groups and open your control center:

Go to Container Settings -> Private Registry

Enter Server URL and the Full image Name and Tag. Login and password will be provided by Swarm.

Server URL: Full image Name and Tag:<version>

Find the latest version in our release notes

Sometimes the UI deployment does not work. Microsoft is aware of that issue: As workaround you can deploy via Azure CLI

az login
az webapp config container set --docker-custom-image-name "<version>" --docker-registry-server-password <password> --name <controlcenter-name> --resource-group <ressource-group> --output jsonc --subscription "<subscription_id>"

<controlcenter-name> The name of the SCC you deployed. e.g.: demo-swarm-control-center <ressource-group> The name of the resource group, where you deployed the SCC. e.g.: swarm-demo <subscription_id> You can find the subscription ID within the overview of the ressource group

If you upgrade from 2.x to 3.0, an additional step is needed

Under Settings -> Configuration of the Control Center, change the REACT_APP_PI_URLto /v2/

Don't forget to hit the save button in the top after editing the URL

Upgrade the API

Exactly the same as upgrading the SCC, except you are not going to upgrade the SCC, but the API gateway and the Full image Name and Tag changes to<version>

A running Swarm Control Center needs both: SCC + API Deployment. If you are getting errors, check, if both have been upgraded and started. You may use the "Logs" section within the container settings.

Upgrade the Agent

To upgrade the agent, simple create a new deployment, like you did in Deploy the VPX Agent.

This method also works for our delivery options