What's the Swarm Control Center (SCC)?

The Swarm Control Center was developed as centralized management hub for your Swarm Perception Boxes. Deployed in public cloud, namely in Azure, it enables centralized updates, basic monitoring and simple configuration through a single point of entry. On top of that we also offer Data Discovery to visualize the generated data!

Data processing and computing will always happen on the Perception Box, never within the Cloud. The camera stream will not be sent to Azure or any other third party.

The Swarm Control Center is based on a dark environment approach, which ensures that at no time, Swarm Analytics is in the loop when it comes to data and management traffic.

To access your Swarm Control Center, simply use the URL you setup earlier in Deploy the Swarm Control Center. If your user does not have access to the SCC yet, you will receive a blank page. You will then needs to add yourself to the Enterprise Application in Azure AD.

If you still got no access, delete the cache of your browser and log out and back in to Azure.




Control Center URL. Previously configured. Can be found in Azure -> Ressource groups -> Name of your Ressource group -> name of your Control Center App


Name of your Perception Boxes. The name can be edited. The list is sorted alphabetically. You may use this fact to group your Perception Boxes as well as maintaining your own sequenze:


ID of the Perception Box. This is the ID which is used to communicate between perception Box and Azure IoT Hub. You can use the ID to find the Box's device twin (configuration). Also you used the ID to generate the symmetric keys earlier.


A simple Online/Offline switch to check, if there is a connection between the Perception Box and the IoT Hub. If this shows offline, but shouldn't, you want to check ports and network connection.


Software version of the Agent running on the Perception Box


Management (formerly Explorer) and Data Discovery