Quickstart Guide

How to start with the Swarm Perception Starter Kit

Congratulations to your Swarm Perception Starter Kit!

The Swarm Perception Starter Kit carries everything you new to kick off yor Vehicle or People Counting right away. Besides an already mounted Camera, the outdoor-friendly Starter Kit contains a Swarm Perception Box, an PoE Switch to connect to the camera and serve it with power, and an USB Modem with an active international Sim Card to link the Swarm Perception Box to the Internet.


  • 220V-240V Mains Electricity (~ 15 Watts)

  • Earthing contact plug or open end power cord

  • Location to mount a box with 255 x 205 x 112 mm

  • Average/medium cross screwdriver

  • Small slotted screwdriver

  • Microsoft Account

Consider the safty instructions!

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Swarm Perception Starter Kit (with a power cord plus outer protective cover attached)

  • 2 metal hose clamps (to mount the Starter Kit)

  • 1 Screw cap (for the protective cover of the power cable)

ready to mount

Mounting the Starter Kit

The level of skills you need to mount a Swarm Perception Starter Kit is the same level you need for mounting a lamp in your living room!

  • Find a location to mount

  • Use the 2 metal hose clamps to mount the Starter Kit to e.g. a pole or any other suitable place

  • Attach the Starter Kits' Power cord to any reasonable power supply

    If you have a 230V socket, attach the power cord to an earthing contact plug (not included)

    If you have an open end power cord (220V - 240V) directly attach it

earthing contact plug is *NOT* included

Check connectivity

Your Swarm Perception Starter Kit comes with a pre-installed Swarm Control Center, already up and running for you! This Swarm Control Center is hosted in Microsoft Azure and holds the configuration of the Swarm Perception Starter Kit.

You will be provided with the URL to your personal Swarm Control Center and with the serial number of your Swarm Perception Starter Kit by the Swarm-Analytics Team.

Open the URL of your Swarm Control Center and login with your Microsoft Account.

Your Microsoft Account needs access to your Swarm Control Center. With a Swarm Perception Starter Kit the access is managed by Swarm. Get in touch with us, if you struggle with logging in or if you need more people to gain access.

Watch out for your Swarm Perception Starter Kit, always named "StarterKIT", in the Swarm Control Center. On the lefthand-side you will see the connection status. If the Swarm Perception Starter Kit is running properly, the status will say "Online".

Swarm Control Center - SCC

Initial Configuration

  • In Swarm Control Center click on your device to Open the Device Configuration

SCC - Device Configuration
  • Open the Stream Configuration (named after the built-in camera)

You don't have to change any Camera Connection or MQTT Connection - it is all pre-configured

  • When the Camera Stream is loaded, click on "Configure Stream"


Depending on the use-case, the configuration is slightly different. There are tons of different use-cases and combinations, but we give you some simple ones to start:

Traffic Counting
People Counting
Parking Space
Traffic Counting

You want to know how many cars are passing then entrance of the village?

That's how you do it:

  • Select "Traffic Standard" as Model

  • Select "New CL" and place the "Counting Line" on the Stream-Preview

  • Apply all changes

People Counting

You want to know how many people are entering the building?

That's how you do it:

  • Select "Person Full Body" as Model

  • Select "New Virtual Door" and place the "Virtual Door" on the Stream-Preview

  • Apply all changes

Parking Space

You want to know how many cars are in a parking lot?

That's how you do it:

  • Select "Traffic Standard" as Model

  • Select "New ROI" and place the "Region Of Interest" on the Stream-Preview

    • You may add multiple ROIs - one for each parking space

    • By default a ROI triggers an event every 10 seconds - you may change this behavior with the configuration "Trigger Action"

  • Apply all changes

Once done, events are generated. Those events are the basis for presenting any kind of countings or metrics, which are interesting.

Showing the data

The Swarm Control Center also provides visualization of data. The widget-based canvas is easy to use and fast to setup. All created widgets will be shown on the canvas and you may arrange them, as you wish.

Create a simple counter

This applies, if you created a counting line (CL) in the configuration. For a more complex Data Discovery check this article.

  • Open the Swarm Control Center

  • Choose "Data Discovery" on the left menu

  • Click on "Add Widget"

  • Choose your metric "CL Count"

  • Jump to "Define Output"

  • Select "Number"

  • If you have multiple Starter Kits, filter for "CL Device Name" set it to "contains" and enter "StarterKIT (SN xxxxxxxxxx)", where xxxxxxxxxx is the serial number of the Starter Kit.

  • Click on "Add to Canvas"

  • Name the Widget to save it

The widget does not refresh itself, you will need to refresh the browser window in order to see recent events / counts.

What's next?

You now got data from the Swarm Perception Starter Kit. Actually this data only shows a small percentage of what the Swarm Software is able to do. Some further reading and ideas:

Create solutions for complex scenarios

Dashboards and Apps

Our partners provide powerful dashboards and helpful apps. Talk to our Sales Representatives for more information.

Use MQTT to grab generated data and process it