Version 3.3

Version 3.3 - Time to read

Listening to our partners and customers, we found that (advanced) number plate recognition (ANPR) will improve parking systems by far. The future of parking spaces will need the accurate and reliable read and process algorithm, we are currently developing. ANPR is in Early Availability stage.

Version 3.2 - Show me what you've got

With Version 3.2 we introduce Data Discovery. This add-on to our Swarm Control Center enables Partners and Customers to easily show, check and validate Swarm generated data. You will also be able to export the data to process it further. Whom is Data Discovery desgined for?

With Data Discovery it is mandatory to host at least one database (mssql) in Azure. If you do not have a database in Azure already, this will lead to additional costs.

In addition we now support the Jetson Nano. See our Benchmarks.

Version 3.1 - Reaching standards

Version 3.1 brings updated classes in our detection models, making the software compliant with the German standard of BASt / TLS. This standard applies to other European traffic agencies as well (Austria and Slovenia) and is seen as a perfect candidate for an international norm in traffic matters.

TLS: Technical delivery terms for roadway stations BASt: German federal highway research institute

Swarm Detection Classes BASt / TLS Classes

Version 3.0 - A new era

With Version 3.0 we decided to continue our road of data creation on new tracks. While we provided hardware for our partners and customers, we learned that the best solution is built on a case by case basis. From now on you may bring your own hardware as well, as also using our pre-installed one. Furthermore we highly increased our efficiency and are now able to process multiple streams. As a third pillow of our future way we appreciate, partner and customer do know their use cases best. With our Solution Builder we add the flexibility and power for you to create perfectly fitting solutions.

Some thoughts from our team

"The team created a perfect mixture of usability and functionality. Just like occam's razor we cut everything unnecessary and focused on the essential." - Hendrik H., Sales Engineer

Swarm Analytic's Platform consists of four software components: Control Center, Gateway, Data Discovery API and Agent. We release them together, but patch them independetly, which means major release (also known as Launch) will be the same for all four, while they might differ on their minor and patch version. For a complete overview see our Compatibility Matrix.

Current Patch Version

For the sake of simplicity we are now promoting one public version. You do not have to worry about compatibility matrix anymore!

3.3.1 - 08.04.2021


  • ANPR - Early Availability

  • Improved Data Discovery Frontend

  • Improved person, motorcyclists and cyclists models for Traffic Standard 10+1

  • Bugfixes in Azure Module and MagPie

  • Fixed a bug, where we did not filter short tracks correctly

  • Fixed a bug, where the preview frame did not refresh on demand

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Upgrade from 2.17.1 to 3.0.4

P100, OP100

~ 300 MB

Complete Installation 3.0.4

P100, OP100

~ 600 MB

Complete Installation 3.0.4


~ 1200 MB

Complete Installation 3.0.4


~ 4600 MB


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Solution: Traffic Monitoring

~ 2 KB

Solution: People Insights

~ 0.5 KB

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