Version 2021.2
Latest version november 2021


Managed Service - Portal Login

Do you have your SWARM Perception Platform managed and hosted by SWARM? Then you will have a new portal login where you can sign in with your email address and your password after selecting your respective account. The users are no more bound on having a Microsoft account. You will be able to have your user created on any email address.

Data Analytics

In order to collect information with close to zero effort, we decided to expand our efforts on the data post-processing side to transform data into human-readable information. This means rather than just reporting simple counts based on the direction, it is now possible to natively digitize your traffic and parking scenarios. In your dashboards, you can now visualize live data as well as historical trend analysis. In addition, you have the possibility to organize your parking areas, intersections, or counting areas into different groups and display them in a list and map view. The set GPS coordinates will automatically set the local time for any of the visualizations you create in your dashboards.
We focused on making it easier and more intuitive to create visualizations for our use cases Parking Scenario and Traffic Scenario. Nevertheless, we provide the option Generic Scenario in order to cover dashboard creation for all possible use cases with SWARM generated data.

Parking Scenario

Our Parking Scenario enables you to operate and maintain your parking installations by knowing current and historical utilization, as well as get insights on your customers around their parking times and behavior.
The following information can be retrieved to solve your problems:
  • Do you need more reliable information about the utilization of your parking areas? See your current utilization to provide information about it to your parking customers. In addition, historical utilization gives you further insights into your parking area.
  • How long do your customers park in your parking area? Thanks to our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) feature. You can view average, minimum, and maximum parking duration in your dashboard with just one click.
  • Are you facing the challenge of identifying long-term parkers and short-term parking violators? By setting the maximum parking duration of your parking area in your digital dashboard, you will have the license plate number of each parking offender listed on a table. This table includes a picture of the vehicle with license plate number and time stamp for your evidence and further procedure.
  • Do you have multiple entrances and exits to your parking lot? No worries, by designing your dashboard in your digital parking area in SWARM Data Analytics, the capacity is automatically calculated taking all entrances and exits into account. On top of that, you can monitor the frequency of using different entry and exit points.
More information can be found in our section about Parking Scenarios:

Traffic Scenario

With the Traffic Scenario in SWARM Data Analytics, you get to know the patterns and types of traffic in your cities, on highways, intersections as well as on any urban street.
  • You would like to monitor your traffic scenario and see the traffic patterns for analysis and prediction? Simply add an Origin Destination Analysis to your own Traffic Scenario dashboard.
  • What are the patterns at heavily traveled roads, highways, or intersections? Display your traffic counts aggregated over time at different levels in a bar chart or similar output options.
  • Do you want to know the modal split of your traffic area or city? By displaying traffic counts split by SWARM classes (10+1), you can now display the modal split in a pie chart or similar output options.
More information can be found in our section about Traffic Scenarios:

Generic Scenario

In order for being able to visualize any of the other use cases where SWARM Perception Boxes deliver data, you can use the Generic Scenario. Visualizations and Analysis can be created based on your configured event type (e.g.: Region of Interest, Virtual Door or Counting Line)
More information can be found in our section about Generic Scenarios:

VPX on NVIDIA Jetson devices

We now support any current NVIDIA Jetson device (see Benchmarks). Furthermore, the stability and model accuracy has improved by supporting the latest Jetpack version --> Jetpack 4.6.
In order to update your VPX licenses to Version 2021.2, your NVIDIA Jetson device needs to be updated to Jetpack 4.6. --> Find the documentation from NVIDIA on how to update your Jetson device to Jetpack 4.6 here.


Accuracy improvements when objects are occluded

We have worked on a strong improvement in our detection of objects which are naturally occluded. Objects, especially vehicles, are quite often partly occluded by other vehicles, traffic signs, trees or other natural occlusions. With the work done on our Traffic & Parking model, we have strongly improved the detection of these occluded vehicles which leads to a clear accuracy improvement, especially in Origin/Destination use cases.
Even if vehicles are fully occluded for 1 second, we will still be able to detect them as the same vehicle.

General UI Improvements

Some general UI improvements such as new naming, search, and sort features make using the SWARM Perception Platform easier, more intuitive and more fun.
Improved UI of our SCC
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