Getting Started

How to get started with the Swarm Control Center (Web UI)

Swarm Hosted Swarm Control Center (SCC)

If your SCC is being hosted by Swarm (for example for an evaluation) you will not need to set up your Azure environment (as per Installation of SCC in Azure).

You should receive an Invitation by email to create an Swarm Azure AD Account ( the email subject may have been something like “Sie sind zur Swarm Analytics GmbH-Organisation eingeladen”). Once you have created this account, you should be able to access your instance (i.e. Azure Enterprise Application) of the SCC WebUI. Swarm will let you know the URL to use to access your SCC instance.

Self Hosted Swarm Control Center (SCC)

If you are hosting your own SCC (for example for a productive deployment) you will need to follow the instructions in Installation of SCC in Azure to setup your environment. Then please contact swarm support in order to help you complete the setup of you SCC.