Setting up the Swarm Perception Box

Name the box, connect to the camera and connect to the MQTT Broker

Access the Swarm Control Center

Use your URL to access your Swarm Control Center (SCC)

Find your box

Select the Swarm Perception Box you want to configure from the Explorer list:

Set a box name

Set a device name to identify this specific box (this name will be used in the event data generated by this box):

Connect to the camera

The Swarm Perception Box connects to the IP Camera to access the live video stream it will analyze.

The recommended default way for this is with RTSP, and the following settings are possible.

Camera Host: The IP or DNS for the RTSP stream from your IP-Camera. The IP must be visible to the Swarm Perception box.

Port: The port for the RTSP stream (the default is 554).

Path: Some camera models require a path at the end of the RTSP URL (more details here).

Username: Username for the camera (e.g. admin)

Password: Password for the camera user

RTSP Camera Setup

However it is also possible to enter the raw connection string, in case this is required for specific camera models. For example, this also allows to use RTMP as connection protocol.

Custom Connection String

Connect to the MQTT Server

The Swarm Perception Box sends to the JSON event data containing the results from the real-time analysis to an MQTT broker.

The default configuration is send data to the associated Azure IoT Hub, where it can be further processed with the manifold possibilities of the Azure Cloud.

Additionally it is also possible possible to manually configure an MQTT broker. In this case the following information needs to be provided:

MQTT Broker: The IP or DNS for the MQTT Broker. The IP must be visible to the Swarm Perception box.

Port: The port for the MQTT Broker (the default is 1883).

Topic: The topic to which the data should be added (the default is events)

Username: Username for the MQTT user

Password: Password for the MQTT user