With a focus on Applied AI, Swarm Analytics delivers solutions for information sourcing problems through computer vision algorithms. For each field of application, the relevant objects for analysis are predefined to meet the use case-specific requirements.

In detail, we provide an ecosystem of technology to create real-time data-streams out of existing or new visiual sources (f.e. RTSP Streams, UVC/IP Camera, etc.) which is managed through a single entity, the Swarm Control Center.

Swarm Control Center

The Swarm Control Center works as a centralized management hub for all connected Swarm Perception Boxes, which ensures centralized updates, basic monitoring and simple configuration through a single entry point.

Technical Overview

The Swarm Control Center is based on a dark environment approach, which ensures that at no time, Swarm Analytics is in the loop when it comes to data & management traffic. Therefore, the deployment is done within your Azure cloud and will utilize common infrastructure services including the following:

Tactical Overview of Swarm Control Center and data-flow