Swarm Analytics Documentation

This Page provides an overview of the available Swarm Documentation

Do you need accurate data fast? We provide you with an applied AI solution, that enables you to define and gather the data, which is most valuable to your business. In detail, we provide your an ecosystem of technology to create real-time data-streams out of existing or new visual sources (e.g. RTSP Streams from IP Cameras) which is managed through a single centralized management platform, the Swarm Control Center (SCC).

Getting Started

Learn how to get started and where to find useful resources.

Learn how to setup your Swarm Perception Box, Swarm Outdoor Perception Box or Eval Kit.

Hardware Accessories

Which camera works best with your Swarm Perception Box? Read our detailed recommendations for cameras.

USB Modem

If there is no Ethernet connectivity at the location of the Swarm Perception Box, learn how to use an USB Modem.


Solutions allow you to configure the Swarm Perception Box or Swarm Outdoor Perception Box for your deployment type. The following documentation provide step-by-step guides:

More Solutions Coming Soon

Swarm Control Center (SCC)

The Swarm Control Center works as centralized management hub for all your connected Swarm Perception Boxes and Swarm Outdoor Perception Boxes - this enables you to do perform basic monitoring and simple configuration through a single entry point.

Continue to our step by step guide for setting up your Swarm Perception Boxes.

Expert Mode

Solutions (see above) are the easier way to configure the Swarm Perception Box or Swarm Outdoor Perception Box for your deployment type. However the Expert Mode can also be used for other deployments that are not covered by the Solutions approach.

Ready to use Models that can be setup via the Swarm Control Center

Data generated and sent from the Swarm Perception Box. This page provides details on the JSON events generated by the Swarm Perception Box and sent to your MQTT Broker.


The Command Line is designed for advanced users (legacy replaced by WebUI)

You are an advanced user, who wants to integrate with other systems? The Swarm Control Center API is your perfect choice.

How does the architecture work?

Who delivers what?

Swarm Analytics

You, as our partner

Hardware (Swarm Perception Box or Swarm Outdoor Perception Box)

Camera (if not preexisting)

AIl Software Updates

On-Site Installation of Swarm Perception Box or Swarm Outdoor Perception Box (or via other partner)

Central Management Software (Swarm Control Center)

Swarm Control Center deployed on Azure IoT Hub

MQTT Broker


Databases (if needed)

Alerting System (If needed)