USB LTE Modems

USB LTE Modems can be used together with the Swarm Perception Box to provide internet connectivity (for management and data) where no Ethernet connectivity is available.

Note: For the USB Modem to function correctly, please ensure you use the correct USB port on the Swarm Perception Box. The correct USB port is to the right of the ethernet port and is closer to the ethernet port.

The USB LTE Moden also requires a SIM. The SIM must be 'IoT Ready' (i.e. no PIN protected and does not require extra configuration for APN etc.)

The USB LTE Modem must be able to get a strong enough data signal in order for management and data collection to work correctly. If the Modem is inside a box or otherwise obstructed, the signal strength may be affected.

A short USB extension cable (for example) is also required as there is not enough space to plug a USB Modem into the Swarm Perception Box directly.

Note: Using a USB Modem puts extra power requirements on the Swarm Perception Box. Therefore please ensure that you are using the standard power supply that delivers at least 10W. Otherwise you will experience connectivity issues.

Swarm Analytics recommends and tests extensively with the Huawei EC3372 4G LTE USB Dongle Modem:‚Äč

As USB Modems vary widely in terms of reliability and quality, we strongly recommend using this model.

Note: If you intend to use a LTE USB modem, please contact us as this (currently) has to be manually configured on the Swarm Perception Box.