Object Classes detected by SWARM
We detect Classes and Subclasses following established standards
SWARM software is optimized to detect following classes with dedicated subclasses in case a more precise categorization is needed.
The vehicle classes are compliant with the BASt / TLS standard
A car is a vehicle mainly designed to transport people. Included are small medim as well as bigger cars as for example SuVs, PickUps and Mini-Vans (e.g. VW Caddy)
A car is a machine mainly transporting people. Cars include: small-medium and large vehicles, including pickup-trucks and minivans. Cars do not include: Vans with or without windows. Single-unit-trucks, articulated-trucks, buses or trucks-with-trailers. Cars also do not include “unclear” classes such as trams or tractors. See examples below. Cars do not include cars that pull a trailer
Vans are vehicles that are designed for transporting a bigger amount of people or goods deliveries. It starts with vans for people as for example VW Multivan up to goods delivery vans as for example Fiat Ducato.
  • We distinguish a cargo/delivery/utility van from a passenger van by their amount of windows in the backseat row
  • A utility van is a vehicle that is designed to carry out a specific task with more efficacy than a passenger vehicle. Another purpose is delivering (goods or services).
  • Here an example where on the left a single unit truck and on the right a van is shown:
car with trailer
All cars (even if it is a van) that are pulling a trailer are defined as car with trailer.
  • The prerequisite is to see at least one of the trailers axis and the car without being occluded in the picture
  • Cars and vans pulling a trailer are classified as car-with-trailer
single unit truck
A single unit truck are used for goods deliveries. Single unit trucks are trucks with two vehicle axles.
Single-unit-trucks should only include C1 (<7.5 T) trucks with 2 axes (maximum 4 wheels)
articulated truck
In difference to a single unit truck, the articulated truck is defined that it has at least three vehicle axles.
Articulated-trucks are trucks >7.5 T with at least 3 axes (minimum 6 wheels).
truck with trailer
All Single unit trucks or articulated trucks pulling a trailer are defined as truck with trailer.
Truck-with-trailer are trucks (single-unit OR articulated) pulling an extra trailer; driving license C1E.
A bus is defined as vehicle transporting a big amount of people (roughly >10 persons)
  • Trams are labeled as others.
  • The bus definition includes autobus, coach, double-decker, motor bus, motor coach, omnibus, passenger vehicle, school bus.
The class motorbike is a person riding a motorized single-lane vehicle (E-Bikes excluded). Motorbikes with a sidecar are part of this class as well.
The class bicycle is a person riding a bicycle. A person walking and pushing a bicycle is defined as a person and not as a cyclist.
  • single-lane vehicle.
  • People riding a bicycle are not labeled as people but labeled as cyclists instead
People who are walking or riding kick scooters (including electric kick scooters), Segways, skateboards, etc. are labeled as pedestrians.
  • People pushing an engine or non-engine powered one lane vehicle are identified as a person.
  • People inside other vehicles are not counted, except for people standing on the top of cars/trucks or standing on flatbeds of trucks.
  • Mannequins, statues, dummies, objects covered with cloth covers, billboards, posters, pedestrians inside buildings, or reflections of people are not identified as a person.
All remaining objects detected or in case the accuracy does not match the predefined value are classified as unclear object.
Depending on the Configuration and model chosen during your set-up, different objects will be taken into consideration. For more info, see the use case description.
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