Technical Documentation
Version 2023.1

Debug Mode

How to record debug videos for calibration and performance checks of the configured scenarios

What is the debug mode?

For more detailed calibration insights and performance check, you can use the advances debug mode.
For data security reason, the debug mode needs to be enabled manually by Swarm Analytics and is not enabled by default.
Debug mode let you visually show the SWARM software in action. It is designed for debugging on Swarm side mainly, but can also be used for adjusting and understanding SWARM. There are multiple parameters you may use for the debug mode. In the following, we are showing the most common parameter - a counting line.
Remember GDPR/DSGVO, whenever you work with the debug mode! Technically, it is possible to record the debug mode and breach data privacy!
Debug Mode
Please contact our Support in case you want to access the debug stream.

Access Debug Stream

Once the debug mode is enabled, you can access the stream on all IPs, which are configured on the SWARM Perception Box (or your own Hardware) via a browser and port 8090 with the stream ID as path. http://IP:8090/STREAM-ID
With the stream ID in the path, you can choose the dedicated steam
You may also use any kind of video streaming application, like VLC, to access the stream.