Upgrade IotEdge from 1.1 to 1.4

For 2023.1 and later IotEdge 1.4 is required. For new devices our installer is handling the installation process. Existing VPX devices must be upgraded by the partner. P10X/OP10X are upgraded by Swarm with the rollout of 2023.1.

Please read the instructions from the Microsoft documentation first, roughly these steps are required. Note: you don't need the package defender-iot-micro-agent-edge

apt remove iotedge libiothsm-std
apt update
apt install aziot-identity-service=1.4.1-1 aziot-edge=1.4.3-1

chown aziotcs:aziotcs /var/lib/iotedge/hsm/iot-edge-device-SwarmEdgeDeviceCA-full-chain.cert.pem
chown aziotcs:aziotcs /var/lib/iotedge/hsm/swarm-iot.root.ca.cert.pem
chown aziotks:aziotks /var/lib/iotedge/hsm/iot-edge-device-SwarmEdgeDeviceCA.key.pem

iotedge config import
iotedge config apply -c /etc/aziot/config.toml


  • Can I delete /etc/iotedge/config.yaml after the upgade?

    • No, please keep the file. Our containers still need access to the file. In a future version we will remove this dependency.

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