Technical Documentation
Version 2023.2 (EN)

P101 or OP101

Quick Start Guide
The SWARM Perception Box is a managed black box; meaning you do not need to manage hardware/OS/driver/security patches. You also cannot access the system.
To get set up, follow these steps:

1. Mount and Go Online

Your first step includes:
  • Mount the (O)P101 to the desired location.
  • Ensure your (O)P101 is online in your SWARM Control Center.

2. Device Configuration

After the Perception Box is successfully connected with the SWARM Control Center, you must configure the used camera and the scenario you are fulfilling.

3. Data Analytics

For the already configured scenarios, you can gather your data either via MQTT or create Dashboards in our Data Analytics. Those dashboards offer out-of-the-box visualizations as well as REST APIs to gather more insights.