OP101AC - Outdoor Perception Box

Quick Start Guide

Once you have received the OP101AC, it is recommended that the instructions below are followed before mounting.

Find the Product Datasheet here.

Equipment Required

SWARM delivery includes:

  • SWARM Outdoor Perception Box 101AC

  • 2x Ethernet Power Cable Seal(s)

  • Pole Mounting Kit

Optionally included in SWARM delivery or internally sourced:

  • 1x RTSP camera (powered via PoE or power cable)

  • Camera Mounting Kit

  • 1-2x Ethernet Cables (cat5e or higher | without kink protection)

Not provided by SWARM:

  • 1x IoT Ready Sim Card (size: standard mini | no PIN protection | no APN configuration | data plan size: 2GB)

  • 230VAC Power Connection

Step 1: Open OP101AC
  1. Using the flathead screwdriver, unscrew the pins located at each corner of the OP101AC.

  2. Open the box by raising the lid. The lid will completely detach from the body of the box.

Step 2: Insert SIM card into LTE stick
  1. Remove the LTE stick from the case.

  2. Open the LTE stick by sliding and removing the lid.

  3. Place the SIM card into the LTE stick as instructed inside the device.

  4. Place the lid on the LTE stick and slide it shut.

  5. Check the internet connectivity of the LTE stick by inserting it into a PC/laptop that is disconnected from Wi-Fi or other networks. (Make sure there is no password/pin protection on the SIM card, as well as the right APN settings are applied)

  6. If the LTE stick supplies the PC/laptop with internet, remove the LTE stick, place it back in the OP101AC, and ensure it is connected.

ℹī¸Make sure to use a SIM card with sufficient data volume. For normal use, approx. 1 GB per month and a device are needed.

Step 3: Mount OP101AC

Using the mounting equipment provided, your OP101AC and camera should be mounted based on the criteria of your specific use case:

Step 4: Configure camera's static IP

If the camera was delivered by SWARM, you can move on to the next stage (Step 5: Connect RTSP camera) as the camera is preconfigured.

  1. Configure the static IP on your RTSP camera (we recommend using the IP et seqq.; the subnet mask is preset to

  2. Configure the correct resolution for your use case as specified in the SWARM documentation:

ℹī¸If your specific use case is not specified, please select 1080p (1920 x 1080).

  1. Activate ONVIF if it is supported by the camera model.

❗Enabling ONVIF during initial setup not only saves time for possible support cases in the future, but you can also benefit from applying Swarm's recommendations on camera parameters with a single click in your Control Center.

A user with administrative rights using the same credentials as the camera's interface has to be configured for the ONVIF protocol.

Step 5: Connect RTSP camera
  1. Connect the camera to the ethernet cable port using a suitable PoE cable

  2. Make sure you use the provided cable seal on the OP101AC's side and a weatherproof seal on the camera's side

Repeat if you have a second RTSP camera.

Step 6: Power OP101AC
  1. Ensure the 230V power connection is off.

  2. Remove the cap of the power adapter from the OP101AC.

  3. Take the 3 wires (N, L, PE) from the 230V power connection and insert them into the hole of the power adapter cap which you have just removed.

  4. Insert each wire into the matching wire in the OP101AC power adapter (see below for wire color codes).

  5. To secure, screw the wires in place using the flathead screwdriver.

  6. Raise the seal over the power adapter and screw each cap of the adapter to secure it.

  7. Turn the 230V power connection on.

Wire Color Codes

  • Protective Earth (PE) = Green / Green and Yellow

  • Neutral (N) = Black / Blue

  • Single Phase: Line (L) = Red / Brown

Step 7: Online in SCC

Before you close the OP101AC, check if the OP101AC is online in the SWARM Control Center.

If you have followed all the instructions above and the OP101AC is not online in the SWARM Control Center, please check out our troubleshooting guidelines.

Step 8: Close OP101AC
  1. Place the lid back on the case.

  2. Using the flathead screwdriver, rotate all the pins to secure the OP101AC.

  3. To ensure the lid is firmly closed, gently attempt to raise the lid from the box.

Advanced Support

Please see our benchmarks for the number of cameras that can be used.

Once your OP101AC is mounted and online, return to the Getting Set-Up page to continue with Device Configuration.

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