P401 - Perception Box

Quick Start Guide

P401 diagrams

Equipment Required
  • SWARM Perception Box P401

  • 3-pole cable

  • Screw-Kit for mounting

Optionally included in SWARM delivery or internally sourced:

  • 1-8x RTSP camera (powered via PoE included in P401)

  • 1-8x Ethernet cables (cat5e or higher)

Step 1: Mount the P401

Your P401 and camera(s) should be mounted based on the criteria of your specific use case:

Step 2: Connect P401 to power

To power the P401, connect the black wire as ground and the red and yellow ones to the + pole on your power source (24VDC/4A).

  • red = 24V+

  • black = GND (ground wire)

  • yellow = IGN (Ignition Wire) - attach it to the +-pole together with the red wire

Step 3: Connect P401 and camera to your network
  1. Connect the P401 GbE port to the network via ethernet cable (DHCP).

  2. Connect the RTSP camera(s) to the P401 Poe ports or the internal network.

  3. Ensure network requirements are met.

Step 4: Check if the P401 is online

Once the P401 is connected to power and network with internet connectivity, the Perception Box should be online in your SWARM Control Center.

This may take a few minutes for the first installation.

Step 5: Incoming camera connection

Please input the required camera configuration in the 'Camera Connection' section in your SWARM Control Center.

Step 6: Outgoing MQTT connection

Please choose the required MQTT connection in your SWARM Control Center. You can choose between data analytics and custom MQTT connection.

Advanced Support

Ensure the Network Requirements are followed.

To understand the status of a camera within the SWARM Control Center, refer to the Camera & Device Monitoring documentation.

If you have followed all the instructions above and the P401 is not online in the SWARM Control Center, or if you need to set a static IP configuration for the ethernet interface, please contact us via the SWARM Support Center.

Once Step 6 is complete, return to the Getting Set-Up page to continue with Device Configuration.

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