Technical Documentation
Version 2023.3 (EN)

System requirements

System requirements for our virtual software offering
The VPX agent needs the following hardware and software requirements to be met.

NVIDIA Jetson family


  • Hardware
    • CPU: X86-64bit
    • Memory: At least 4 GB available
    • Storage: At least 15 GB free
    • NVIDIA Workstation GPUs
      • RTX series (e.g. RTX A2000)
      • Quadro RTX series (e.g. Quadro RTX 4000)
  • Software
    • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    • NVIDIA Driver Version 470 (or newer)
    • Docker 19.0.1+
    • IotEdge 1.4
You can find the benchmark results here: How many cameras can my Perception Box compute?​
In case of uncertainty, please contact support​