License Management

Overview about your licensed streams

The license management section provides an overview of your software licenses. This means in detail:

  • The number of licenses currently in use

    • Number of Camera streams activated. Disabled streams don't count.

  • The total number of licenses that were purchased

    • In general, all SPS (Swarm Perception Subscriptions) can be used with any hardware that belongs to you.

  • The current status of each license

    • ACTIVE = The license is currently valid, and the expiration date lies in the future

    • EXPIRED= The license is no longer valid and, therefore, expired. Either the license was already renewed or you decided to let it run out.

    • INACTIVE = The license period starts on a future date.

  • The start and end date of each license validity

  • The order and invoice number as well as the number of streams that are included

Adding or activating additional streams is only possible if sufficient SPS licenses are available.

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