Monitoring Alerts

E-Mail Alerts to monitor the status of your devices and streams

Automatic E-Mail alerts can be created to get immediate notifications on potential issues with your Swarm Perception Boxes. In the section "Monitoring Alerts" in your Swarm Control Center, custom alerts can be created and managed. Choose from several predefined alerting conditions, choose the relevant devices, define E-Mail recipients, and get instant E-Mail notifications if a device changes the status from "Operational" to "Not operational" or "Warning".

Only admins can set and maintain monitoring alerts. For standard users and viewers, the section Monitoring Alerts is not visible in the Control Center at all.

Create & Edit Alerts

The creation of the alert is split into three steps.

1. Alert conditions

Alert conditions are based on the connection status and the stream monitoring status. The table below explains the three predefined alert conditions.

In case one chosen condition is true, an alert will be sent. You have the option to multi-select the available conditions.

On top, you can choose to get a resolution notification as soon as the error condition is resolved.

2. Choose the devices - the alert should be applied on

At the multi-select table the devices, where the alert should be applied, need to be chosen. The select all option in the top left corner of the table selects all devices on the page of the table. To search for the right devices, you find a search in the top right corner.

In case there are more pages of devices in the selection table take care that the multi-select will only select the devices on the active page.

3. Define the E-Mail recipients

In the last step of the Alert creation process, the recipients need to be defined. By clicking on add, an E-Mail address can be added. There is no limitation on the number of recipients.

There is no need for recipients to have any dedicated access to the Control Center. Any E-Mail address can be chosen. So feel free to choose the group E-Mail addresses of your teams.

Edit or delete Alerts

In the overview table where all created Alerts are displayed, they can be edited or deleted. In the last column, you can find the action buttons to perform this.

The editing workflow looks the same as the creation process.

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