User Management

Manage users having access to your Control Center

The user management section provides an overview of all users that have access to your control center as well as the possibility to add, remove, or edit users and user roles.

Add a new user

To add a new user, simply click on "New User" and fill out all required fields. The new user needs to set a personal password by verifying the email address via the workflow "Forgot your password" on the Login Page.

Edit existing users

You can only change the role of existing users. If you have to change users' names or email addresses, you need to delete the user and subsequently create a new user.

User roles

  • Viewer: This is read-only permission for data analytics. It allows access to existing scenes and dashboards.

  • User: Can access device configuration and data analytics in a read/write fashion. Is allowed to reconfigure devices, create new scenes, dashboards, etc.

  • Admin: Can do everything a β€œUser” is allowed to do. Additionally, an admin has access to the Administration section.

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