Creation and organization of dashboards

How to manage dashboards in Data Analytics

Within Data Analytics, you can create several dashboards (digital parking & traffic scenarios) and organize them in Dashboard groups in order to keep a structured control of any Analysis across your parking areas or cities.

Create, edit and delete Dashboard groups

Dashboard groups are available to bring structure to your collection of dashboards. You can create dashboard groups on the top bar by clicking on the + symbol. Name your dashboard group and simply click on Save.

The Default dashboard group can't be renamed, either deleted.

By clicking on the dashboard group, you can simply navigate between the dashboards of each group. The groups are sorted alphabetically.

If you have chosen a group, you can edit the name by clicking on the pen next to the name.

By clicking on the x symbol at the Dashboard group navigation bar, you can delete the dashboard group. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Deleting a dashboard group will delete any dashboard linked to that group.

Create, edit and delete Dashboards

Dashboards can be created by clicking on New Dashboard. Each Dashboard has three tabs (Overview, Cameras and Configuration). At the creation of the Dashboard, you will be directed to the Configuration tab in order to set any specific information for your dashboard. After you have set your configuration, go to Cameras tab in order to add one or several cameras which should be taken into consideration for the dashboard.

As soon as you have allocated the cameras to the dashboard, you can start to create your dashboard by adding widgets in the Overview tab.

The overview tab will be your actual Dashboard where you can customize and analyze the data according to your needs.

See more information in the next section of the documentation.

A camera can be added to various dashboards. This will allow you to use cameras for multimodular purposes. E.g.: Having the traffic counted as well as the bicycle lane right next to it.

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