Parking Scenario

Digitize your parking area for smoother and easier operation

Define and change your parking parameters

At the parking scenario, you have the option to configure additional parameters to define your parking area. You can configure the maximum capacity and the maximum parking time. On top, you have the option to set the current utilization in order to calibrate the parking area once in a while.

The parameters can be set and changed in the Configuration tab of the dashboard.

Consider that changing the current utilization will overwrite the current value.

Widget type options

In a Parking Scenario, the two standard widgets Current & Historic Parking Utilization will be automatically created for you.

For any widget, there will be a predefined filter which is filtering out the classes bicycle, motorbikes and persons in order to only consider vehicles needing a given parking spot.

You want to know and retrieve the current utilization of your parking area, the Current Parking Utilization widget will tell you with one click.

Just select the widget type Current Parking Utilization, name the widget and choose if it should be calculated via Single-/Multispace detection or Entry/Exit counting. This choice will depend on the use case you have installed and configured.

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