API to gather the specific data out of the Swarm Control Center

Every setting and information available in the Control Center can be gathered via an API. The Swagger documentation for our demo instance as an example can be found here: Swagger UI

Generally we stick to the following OAUTH flow documented here OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow on the Microsoft identity platform - Microsoft Entra

Make sure to add your tenant ID as a header in the authentication flow.

How to gather the URL for your specific API

To gather the first part of the URL for your specific API Documentation/Swagger UI you can either contact our support or grab it from the source code of your Control Center.


Retrieve the device monitoring status

  1. Go to the Swagger UI

2. The API call above will give you the status of a device and returns the following:

  "boxStatus": {
    "connectionState": "CONNECTED",
    "runtimeState": "DISABLED"
  "id": "676cac42-f3d6-416d-ac83-3f54f1c0bb43",
  "name": "7th NE parking garage entrance",
  "statusId": "676cac42-f3d6-416d-ac83-3f54f1c0bb43",
  "tags": [
      "name": "Roxxon Energy Corporation"
  "type": "P100"

3. The states are defined in the API documentation below

4. You can as well get the state of the individual streams. The API returns the following:

    "id": "fd02a4c9-5e55-4100-a2fd-d76d16993bce",
    "name": "",
    "model": "traffic-detector-urban-standard-fast",
    "streamStatus": {
      "state": "NOT_OPERATIONAL",
      "errorReason": [
    "enabled": true

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