Overview about the Device Configuration in the Swarm Control Center

In the Device Configuration tab of the SWARM Control Center, you can centrally manage all your Perception Boxes and configure the cameras in order to capture the data as needed for your use cases.

You can see the different parts of the device configuration described below.


Toggle to change between Data Analytics and Device Configuration.


Sort, Search & Filter

Especially when hosting a huge number of devices, you can benefit from our options to search for a specific device you want to manage. Furthermore, we offer the option to sort the list or filter for specific monitoring status of the camera connections. When a filter is set, you can see this indicated on the top including the option to quickly clear all filter.


Device Name / ID of your Perception Boxes or your Hardware. You can change the Device Name of the Boxes according to your preferences.

The Unique ID is used for communication between edge devices (Perception Box) and Azure Cloud.


This status indicates if the connection between the Perception Box and the Management Hub (Azure) is established. Possible values are Online, Offline or Unknown. If a device is offline unexpectedly, please check out our trouble shooting guide.


The Status represents basic monitoring of SWARM software and gives an indication if the software is up and running on device level.

See the definition of the status in the Camera and Device Monitoring page.


Auto refresh Button: Whenever something has been changed in the configuration, or a status changes, this option helps you to automatically refresh the Device Configuration page.

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