Technical Documentation
Version 2023.3 (EN)

Device Health

The healthiness of your device at a glance
The device health metrics allow you to provide evidence for reliable and continuous data collection and to self-diagnose common problems (e.g. stable network connectivity/power supply/camera connection/processing speed,... )

Basic Metrics

  • Device Uptime
    • See the time, this device has been up and running until now.
  • Device Status and Device Restarts
    • Gives an overview of the status and potential restarts of the device
  • Device Free Disk Space
    • In order, for the disk space of your device to be running full, you can see this as an early indicator here.
Basic Device Health Metrics

Advanced Metrics

  • Device Temperature
    • Supported for: P101/OP101/Jetson Nano
    • If the device is running at a high temperature (depending on specifications defined by the manufacturer) we will state a warning here. The temperature could impact the performance (throttle processing performance).
  • Modem Traffic, Signal Strength and Reconnects
    • supported for OP100/OP10
Advances Device Health Metrics

Camera Metrics

  • Camera status
    • Gives an overview of the status per camera stream
  • Camera processing speed
    • In case the fps are dropping, there might be a potential problem with the camera occurring, or the device is getting too hot.
  • Generated and Pending Events
Camera related Health Metrics
In case any Device Health Metric is not showing the expected values, please follow our Troubleshooting Guidelines. ​