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Version 2023.3 (EN)
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SWARM Perception Platform Overview

Technical Architecture
The SWARM Perception Platform consists of the following major components:
  • SWARM Control Center (SCC): Manage and configure Perception Boxes and analyze your data with Data Analytics. For both, we provide APIs for integration.
  • SWARM Perception Agent: The SWARM software running on our products P101/OP101/VPX. The video from an RTSP camera/USB camera is processed with the help of deep learning. Events are generated and sent via MQTT to either Data Analytics or a custom MQTT broker. Single or multi-camera processing is supported. The engine is configured solely through the SCC.
SWARM Platform Architecture

Data integration options

  • Data Analytics API (high level)
    • Events are sent and stored in Azure Cloud environment managed by Swarm
    • Events are processed and stored by Swarm
    • The API enables easy integration with third party systems
  • MQTT (low level)
    • Requires to operate an MQTT server
    • Requires the storing/processing of raw events
    • Enables on the edge processing for time-critical and/or offline use cases


The architecture is based on the following principles:
  • Centralized data analytics, device configuration, and update management.
    • Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, maintained by Swarm.
  • Decentralized camera stream processing at the edge
    • Generated data (Events) and management traffic are decoupled.
    • Support for heterogeneous network infrastructure
  • Scale from one to thousands of SWARM Perception agents