Technical Documentation
Version 2023.2 (EN)

Advanced Traffic Insights

Get more insights in your traffic by combining several sensors or triggers in order to retrieve traffic flow and journey time data
With a fully GDPR conform solution, journeys will be matched using pseudonymized License plates. Our solution provides the collection of traffic data including classification (car, bus, and truck), and simultaneously matches corresponding journeys between different sites.
In Data Analytics the option is provided to analyze the average, median, and different percentiles of the journey time aggregated over time. On top, the number and distribution of journeys can be analyzed in the form of a matrix.
  • Journey time: The average, median, or different percentile of the time it took for all detected vehicles to travel from one location to another.
In order to have valid data and ensure the needed level of privacy, a maximum journey time of 30 minutes is defined. That means that sightings of the same vehicle will only be considered as a journey between two locations if the time between the first and second locations is below the maximum journey time.
Journey Time Visualization
  • Distribution of the journeys (Traffic Flow): The absolute number or percentage of vehicles that have taken the listed journey (e.g. from A to B) compared to the number of total journeys detected.
Aggregated journey times