Set-up Journey Time & Traffic Flow

Detailed information on the solution for Journey time and area-wide traffic flow in terms of data generation, camera set up and Analytics options.

Next to the traffic frequency at given locations, you are wondering about statistics on how long the vehicles take from one to another location and how the traffic flows across your city and municipality. With this solution, you can generate that data with a single sensor solution from SWARM.

What data can be generated?

For this use case, SWARM software is providing you with the most relevant traffic insights - The counts of vehicles including the classification of the SWARM main classes can be covered. On top, you have the opportunity to add a second counting line, calibrate the distance in between and estimate the speed of the vehicles passing both lines. By combining more sensors in different locations the journey time as well as the statistical traffic flow distribution will be generated.

The journey time and traffic flow distribution can be generated for vehicles only (car, bus and truck).

What needs to be considered for a successful analysis?

Find detailed information about camera requirements/settings as well as camera positioning in the table below.

Possible cameras for this use case

Environment specification


In this technical documentation, accuracy refers to the penetration rate of a single sensor, which is the percentage of correctly identified license plates divided by the total number of vehicles counted during a ground truth count.

The current penetration rate for this use case is 60%, taking into account different day/nighttimes, weather conditions, and traffic situations. When calculating journey time between two sensors, approximately 36% of journeys are used as the baseline, which is calculated by multiplying the penetration rate of both sensors.

The accuracy is sufficient to generate data that can be used to make valid conclusions about vehicle traffic patterns and journey times.

Hardware Specifications

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