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People Entry/Exit counting

How to success in setting up counting for people entering and exiting a dedicated area
You want to know how SWARM software is providing the solution to get the number of People either entering or leaving your configured area via a Virtual Door in different sceneries. SWARM software is providing the solution to get the number of People either entering or leaving your configured area via a Virtual Door in different sceneries.

What data can be generated?

For this use case, SWARM software is providing you with the counts of people split by direction (IN/OUT). On top, several counts can be made in one camera, e.g.: count each door separately.

What needs to be considered for a successful analysis?

Camera Set-up
How to configure?
How to get the data?
Find detailed information about camera requirements/settings as well as camera positioning in the table below.
Pixels Per Meter is a measurement used to define the amount of potential image detail that a camera offers at a given distance.
> 80 PPM
Using the camera parameters defined below ensures to achieve the minimum required PPM value)
Camera video resolution
1280×720 pixel
Camera video protocol/codec
Camera Focal Length
Camera mounting - distance to object center
2-8 meters
Camera mounting height
2-4 meters
Camera mounting - vertical angle to the object
Note: setting the correct distance to vehicle and camera mounting height should result in the correct vertical angle to the vehicle
Camera mounting - horizontal angle to the object
0° - 360°
Camera FPS
> 25 FPS
Wide Dynamic Range
Should be enabled

Possible Camera for this use case

2,8 mm Focal Length
The configuration of the solution can be managed centrally in SWARM Control Center. Below, you can see how a standard people counting needs to be configured for optimal results.
In order to start your configuration, take care that you have configured your camera and data configuration.

Configuration settings

People Full Body (if distance > 5m to Virtual Door)
People Head (if distance < 5m to Virtual Door)
Configuration option
VD (Virtual Door)

How to place the configuration type?

For receiving the best accuracy of the Virtual Door, the Virtual Door should be placed approx in the middle of the video frame and not too close to the camera so that people will be detected before their center point is already in the perspective of the Virtual Door.
The direction IN/OUT can not be chosen. If a person is detected outside the VD and disappears inside the VD, it will be direction IN.

Visualize data

You can visualize data via Data Analytics in different widgets. To perform people entry/exit counting, we offer a generic scenario, which offers a bundle of metrics to analyze your raw data.


In our Generic Scenario section, you can find more details about the possible metrics to use for creating your Generic Scenario Dashboards.


As people counting is based on a Virtual Door, you need to choose the Metrics "VD count" or "VD IN/OUT Difference". You have then the different options to choose the data you want for a certain time period as well as choosing the output format (e.g.: bar chart, number, table, ...).

Retrieve your data

If you need your data for further local analysis, you have the option to export the data of any created widget as csv file for further processing in Excel.
csv. export
If you would like to integrate the data in your IT environment, you can use the API. In Data Analytics, you will find a description of the Request to use for retrieving the data of each widget.

Environment specification

Object velocity
< 10 km/h (walking speed)
Daytime or well illuminated
Indoor or Outdoor
Expected Accuracy
(when all environmental, hardware, and camera requirements met)

Hardware Specifications

Supported Products
VPX, P101/OP101, P100/OP100
Frames Per Second (FPS)