Technical Documentation
Version 2023.2 (EN)

Object Classes detected by the model traffic&parking

The models traffic&parking and parking detect the following classes with dedicated subclasses.
The vehicle classes are compliant with the BASt / TLS standard
Cars include small to medium sized cars up to SUVs, Pickups and Minivans (for example VW Caddy).
The class does not include cars pulling a trailer.
Vans are vehicles for transporting a larger number of people (between 6 and 9) or used for delivery.
Smaller vans as the VW Multivan are included as well as vehicles similar to the Fiat Ducato.
car with trailer
Cars and vans that are pulling a trailer of any kind are defined as car with trailer.
For a correct classification the full car and at least one of the trailer axis have to be visible.
single unit truck
Single unit trucks are defined as large vehicles with two or more axes where the towing vehicle can not be separated from the semi-trailer and is designed as single unit.
articulated truck
Articulated trucks are large vehicles with more than two axes where the towing vehicle can be separated from the semi-trailer. A towing vehicle without a semi-trailer is not included and is classified as single unit truck.
truck with trailer
Single unit trucks or articulated trucks pulling an additional trailer are defined as truck with trailer.
A bus is defined as vehicle transporting a large number of people.
This includes autobuses, coaches, double-decker, motor buses, motor coaches, omnibuses, passenger vehicles and school buses.
The class motorbike is defined as a person riding a motorized single-lane vehicle. Motorbikes with a sidecar are included, whereas e-bikes are not part of this class.
Motorbikes without a rider are not considered.
The class bicycle is defined as a person actively riding a bicycle. People walking and pushing a bicycle are not included in this class and are considered as person.
Bicycles without a rider are not considered.
The class person includes pedestrians that are walking or riding Segways, skateboards, etc. are defined as pedestrians.
People pushing bicycles or strollers are included in this class.
The class scooter includes a person riding on a so-called kick scooter, which can either be motorized or human-powered. The scooter usually exists out of two wheels and a handlebar.
The class tram is a public transportation vehicle operating on tracks along streets or dedicated tramways. Trams are typically electrically powered, drawing electricity from overhead wires.
Vehicles not matching the classes above are considered in the class other.
This class includes tractors (with or without trailer), ATVs and quads, forklifts, road rollers, excavators and snow plows.
Depending on the Configuration and model chosen during your set-up, different objects will be taken into consideration. For more info, see the use case description.