Update 1

Release Date: 13.12.2023

Number plate area code (Early Availability Feature)

In addition to the number plate raw text and country code, we now support the number plate area code. Some number plates include an area code associated with a geographical area, such as "W" for Vienna (Austria) or "M" for Munich (Germany).

The following 13 countries are supported

  • Austria

  • Bulgaria

  • Switzerland

  • Czech Republic

  • Germany

  • Greece

  • Croatia

  • Ireland

  • Norway

  • Poland

  • Romania

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia

How does this work?

  • For supported countries, we detect spaces between letters and parse the raw license plate text according to a predefined format.

  • In the case of countries that are not supported (e.g. Italy), the generated event won't contain an area code.

How to configure?

All use cases based on ANPR are supported, no additional configuration is required.

How can I access the data?

The Data Analytics widgets "Journey Distributions" and "License Plates" allow segmenting by "License Plate Area"

If you are using a custom broker, the event schema has been adjusted to contain the area code.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved classification accuracy for the classes person and bicycle (Traffic & Parking Standard/Accuracy+)

  • Fixed Data Analytics, some queries led to inconsistent data

  • Fixed rule engine for Region of Interest occupancy, triggering a hardware output

  • Fixed P100/OP100 slowdown introduced with 2023.3

  • Reduced downtime during device updates

  • Fixed debug video output pixelation of counting line overlays

  • Fixed license notification for not enough SPS licenses

Device Update size (2023.3 -> 2023.3 Update 1):

  • P101/OP101 & NVIDIA Jetson devices: 370MB

  • P100/OP100: 350MB

The device update will be automatically applied by 31.01.24!

No breaking API/Event changes (only additions), this includes:

  • The Control Center API and Data Analytics API

  • The Event Format

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