Version 2024.1

Release Date: 28.02.2024

Control Center

  • Device Updates

    • Select individual devices for an update, e.g. this allows staged rollout site by site

    • Schedule the update, e.g. 5am to reduce the production impact to a minimum

  • Device Camera View

    • Auto refresh the camera preview for a convenient calibration for up to 30seconds

    • The stream automatically expands when one stream is configured

    • Event triggers and focus zone is now visible in every camera preview

    • Show or hide the event triggers/focus area

    • The focus area is not hiding event triggers anymore

  • The MQTT QoS level (0 - at most once, 1 - at least once, 2 -exactly once) for customer broker is configurable. Higher levels of QoS are more reliable, but involve higher latency and have higher bandwidth requirements.

  • Side Menu

  • API

    • Potentially breaking change: Authentication requests are throttled, limit: 100/hour. Note: The number of API calls for the Control Center is not throttled.

    • Potentially breaking change: Serial number format changed to string


The device improvements are available once you deploy the update for your organisations/tenants.


  • The detection accuracy for Traffic&Parking (Standard and Accuracy+) has been improved, in particular the classes: car with trailer, trucks (single unit, articulated, with trailer) and bicycle.


We improve the data quality by enhancing the tracking system for:

  • Non-linear movement (e.g. vehicles in roundabouts)

  • Short occlusions (e.g. vehicles occluded by poles or signs)

  • Track hijacking (one or more objects share the same track) when used in combination with the focus area

  • Calibration visualisation

    • Tracks are coloured in blue when they are too small to classify.

    • Long tracks will not be cut-off

This is not a marketing video, it shows the engine overlay we ship with 2024.1. No hand tuning has been performed.

Device Update size (2023.3 U1 -> 2024.1):

  • P101/OP101 & NVIDIA Jetson devices: 150MB

  • P100/OP100: 150MB

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