Version 2024.2

Release Date: 02.04.2024

Device Schedule (Running/Standby)

The device schedule allows you to define time slots when the device should be in operational mode (device state: running) or in power saving mode (device state: standby).

The power saving mode is mostly relevant for the battery powered system BMA Mobil since it extends the usage time for a single charge.

In our measurements, the BMA Mobil reduces the power consumption during standby by about 55%.

How to enable the schedule for a device?

  1. Open a device in the control center and select the tab schedule

  2. Switch the toggle to Enabled and select desired time slots when the device should be operational

  3. Save Schedule

What will happen during standby?

The device reduces the power consumption by pausing the video signal processing.

Functions that are not available during standby:

  • No events will be generated

  • No camera image is visible

  • No event triggers can be configured

Functions that are available during standby:

  • The device will be online in the Control Center, including available device health, logs, and reboot functionality.

  • Wake-up the device from standby (→Set the toggle to Disabled)

What is the expected battery lifetime?

In our measurements the BMA Mobil consumes 1,07A when active and 0,48A when in standby.


With an 100Ah battery degraded to 90Ah we get the following battery lifetimes:

  • Always active: 90Ah / 1,07A ~3,5 days

  • Always standby: 90Ah / 0,48A ~7,8 days

  • 13h active, 59h standby (Example from screenshot, total 3days): 13h * 1,07A + 59h *0,48A = 42Ah out of 90Ah (~50%)

Improved latency for BMA/BMC

We have been able to improve latency for the BMA working together with the BMC to < 1s. Measured by vehicle is physically present in a zone to the point when the BMC switches a dry contact.

Other Improvements

  • Fixed: On Curiosity startup the first Region of Interest event was always vacant (even if there were objects).

  • Improved: Curiosity performance improvements by avoiding to re-classify already classified objects

  • Improved: The Number Plate Column for DataAnalytics Parking widgets is optional

Device Update Size

2023.3 U1 → 2024.2: 155MB (BMA / P101 / Jetson Nano)


  • There are no API breaking changes

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